Welcome to the Official Freedom Falls Website

Hello Everyone and welcome to the Official Website for Freedom Falls. Freedom Falls is the story of a young Army Lieutenant and a Texas Family as they fight on opposite sides during the Second American Civil War. Thank you very much for visiting our page, we hope we can entertain you in the coming months. Soon we will start posting Production Updates to give you all some insight into the making of this series but for the time being let me get you up too speed.

In the early part of May 2016 Theodore C. Manning and John P. Rachwitz met to discuss a screenplay Theodore had written and in June 2016 they began Pre-Production for the Pilot Episode of the First Season. Having connections within the Central Texas film world director and writer searched for the correct actors they thought could portray the characters Theodore had written. In June 2016 several Actors and Actresses read for roles in a private casting call. In August 2016 we held our first Open Casting Call in Temple, Texas and auditioned several talented actors and actresses. Soon we approach the final casting call on August 20th which will take place in Austin, Texas where we hope to find the remaining cast.

Once again thank you for visiting our site. Please share this page with your friends and help get the word out!

-Freedom Falls Production Team